In this life we m ake wrong decisions. How strong are we to accept the consequences of our actions


Gone Back is a psychological drama about an army deserter that returns home. He expects to find his life the way he left it, but he finds out that he is declared dead and everything has changed. He tries desperately to reconnect with his loved one. Slowly he becomes a shadow of his former self, struggling with the fact that he no longer exists for the world he used to be a part of.

Writer, Director, Producer, 
Ernest Meholli

Ernest Meholli was born in 1980 in Mitrovica, Kosovo. He grew up in a family of artists. Following in his father’s footsteps, Meholli began painting when he was young boy.
After the war of Kosovo in 1999, Meholli moved to The Netherlands. From 2002 to 2005, he studied at the Academy of Art and Design. During his studies, Meholli discovered that his ideas were large, and not completely suited for just paintings on canvas. He decided that filmmaking gave his stories more room for dramatic expression.
After years of making experimental films and working as a one-man crew, Meholli decided to focus his energies on directing.
In 2005, Meholli was accepted at the Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam where he earned a Master’s degree in Fiction Film Directing.
Since graduating, Meholli has worked on various short and long projects. Meholli has won several prizes at international film festivals. In 2010 Meholli began writing his first feature film Gone Back. The film was completed in 2013 and is scheduled to be screened at several film festivals.